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William Smith

1790 – 1847

Get your bearings!

William Smith used his compass and bearings all the time:

He was inspired to follow one direction until he discovered the very tip of Antarctica at 62° 27’S.

Think of someone who has inspired you to go somewhere new. This may or may not be another country. It could be something much more local: a park, a cinema, a new beach or a nearby town.

Jot down the name of the place.

List 3 – 5 very specific details about it, including the details of colour in this place.

Now list 3 – 5 details about the person who inspired you to go there – what sort of life did they live? What did they say about this special place? Did they ever go to that place themselves?

Now read Brian Patten’s poem, ‘Geography Lesson’

Write about someone who has inspired you to go somewhere new. Include details of the place (and its colours) in your poem.

You might like to start your poem a bit like Brian Patten does, e.g. ‘My cousin told me that…’; ‘my sister told me about this place…’

What to do next?

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