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What is a hero?

In classical times, the hero would be a brave and exceptional fighter, committed to battling death. This version of heroism had become more complicated by Victorian times. Our four North East Heroes were heroic for their ingenuity, their adventurousness, and their determination.

In our modern democracy, heroes remain life-affirming, active people, but they are often most striking for the contrast between their ‘ordinary’ lives and their extraordinary deeds. What does the word ‘hero’ mean to you? Who are your heroes? Explore the heroes in this part of the site, experiment with the creative writing ideas, and write in response. Post your poems and ideas via the Contact page.

Explore the heroes

Christy Ducker’s new pamphlet, Heroes, explores heroes past and present, suggesting how they help us to understand ourselves and our times better. You can read some of the poems, and see Emma Holliday’s illustrations, here.

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