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Josephine Butler

1828 – 1906


Look at this envelope from Josephine Butler’s collection of papers:

This envelope contains lots of memories that Josephine wrote down, of her beloved daughter, Eva. Eva died in an accident at the age of 6. You can read more about the importance of this on Josephine’s biography page.

Trying to hold onto memories can be tricky.

Make a list of memories you never want to forget. These can be lovely or funny things like: a favourite joke; the feeling of the sun on holiday; your football team’s best win. You might decide to include sad things too, like Josephine does.

Imagine you can keep your memories in an envelope or a box. What would you keep them in? What would you choose to write down? Turn your memories into a list poem.

Try using Kit Wright’s poem, ‘The Magic Box’ to help you write a poem that contains your memories:

Older students might also like to read ‘Small Things in the Cupboards of Long Relationships’ by Julia Darling. You can find this poem on page 145 of the book Indelible, Miraculous: The collected poems of Julia Darling.

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