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Humphry Davy

1778 – 1829

Warm up: What piece of furniture was Humphry Davy?

If you were to describe yourself as a type of weather, what would you be? A moody storm or a light-hearted mix of sun and wispy cloud? Are you a tornado, a gale or a breeze? Drizzle or downpour?

What colour would you be? What animal? What hairstyle? What car? What music? What building? What time of day are you?

Jot down some ideas, with your own name as the poem’s title.

Now look at this image of a Victorian hero.

The man’s image is a very detailed ink drawing. It appeared in newspapers, at the time it was drawn. Look closely at the details, and then decide what piece of furniture this man would be. What piece of music would he be? What type of book? What type of weather or animal? What type of material? What type of shoe? What food? Why?

Write your ideas under the title ‘Humphry Davy’.

Try writing about your other heroes in the same way!

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