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Grace Darling

1815 – 1842

Mind the Gap!

Archives are full of gaps and mysteries. Because she was the youngest daughter in a 19th Century household, Grace Darling was down the ‘pecking order’ at home – she did not have the same expensive writing papers as her father. Her notes and letters are often written on cheaper paper which has corroded with time.

Look at this example:

Make your poem, using some of the sentences in this letter. Finish the sentences with surprising words and images, e.g. ‘I am sorry to say that the gale is so strong it bent the Longstone sideways’.

Add in some of your own fresh sentences too.

Can you include some ideas in your poem about where the original words went? Did they turn to dust and blow away? Did they flake off and remain behind a piece of furniture? Did someone tear them off and keep them like treasure?

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