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Grace Darling

1815 – 1842

How to Make a Fire and Waterproof Hero

Grace Darling was much less interested in fame than in her books, her island’s birds, her lighthouse, her fishing and hunting.

Here is a page from her ‘recipe’ book, which contains recipes for all sorts of things. Many of the recipes contain substances which we now know are poisons, such as arsenic. Her recipe book includes ‘How to turn red hair black’, ‘How to turn black feathers green’, and ‘How to preserve apple blossom in frost’.

Look at this recipe, on ‘How to make a fire and waterproof garment’:

Write your own recipe for what makes a hero, or the ingredients you would need to make a hero indestructible or ‘fireproof’!

Give your poem a title like ‘How to Make a Hero’ or ‘How to Bombproof a Hero’. Then list all the necessary ingredients underneath. Some of these ingredients might be everyday, e.g. ‘27kg of steel’; some ingredients might be a bit more abstract, e.g. ‘a kilo of pride, with all the stones and pips removed’.

What would your method be? What would be the end product?

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