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North East Heroes is a creative writing and education project for people aged 12+.  It asks

What is a hero? & How might
heroes inspire us today?

Poet, Christy Ducker asked young people around Northumberland to write in response to these questions, using archive materials as a starting point. They wrote funny, angry, offbeat, wry and passionate poems about their times, themselves, and their own history.

Some of their work is included on this site. Also on here are DIY writing exercises to spark your own imagination, and details of how to book a Heroes workshop in your school or community group.

Grace Darling, Humphry Davy, Josephine Butler and William Smith – these are the North East Heroes who inspired this project, and sparked Christy’s new pamphlet, Heroes, illustrated by Emma Holliday. Phyllis Christopher’s photographic responses can be enjoyed throughout this website. Find out more about Christy, Emma and Phyllis’s Heroes work here.

Heroes - Grace Darling

Heroes - William Smith

Heroes - Humphry Davy

Heroes - Josephine Butler

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